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At Country Pine Furniture we care a great deal about building furniture that minimizes the use of harsh chemicals. We employ water based lacquers and food based waxes so the furniture we deliver does as much as possible to safeguard the health of the air and environment of our clients homes and offices. At the same time, these products keep the air and working environment safe for our staff as well.

We research suppliers and buy wood from mills with replant programs in place. For log furniture we harvest our own logs in the Alberta Forest Reserves where dead standing logs are available in the selective thinning programs. In our shop operations we generate wood scrap and we take time to bag up this clean wood scrap and sell it for a nominal fee to local residents and to clients to use as clean burning fire wood. We carefully sort out larger pieces of wood scrap and box it up for donations to local crafters. And we bag sawdust and offer it to local area farmers and gardeners to bed animals and plants.

Just a few examples of actions Country Pine Furniture has taken to safeguard our environment through our furniture manufacture operations.

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