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Furniture for the Home

Country Pine Furniture - quality handcrafted furnishings - for less then you'd expect.

At Country Pine Furniture it is our goal to instill tradition and quality into every piece of furniture and cabinetry crafted in our workshop. The designs we build are often more contemporary then the pieces they are predicated upon. But, whatever the design influence, the end product is heirloom quality furnishings for our customers.

At Country Pine our customers have 3 options with purchasing furniture from us.
  1. Purchase Items from our line of Country Pine Designs

    These designed-by-us items are detailed in our online price lists and photo gallery. All orders are hand built from scratch and can be customized in terms of size, design, and finishing.

    Photo Gallery

  2. Custom is our Specialty

    Have it your way. Your style, size, and choice. Pine, Maple, Birch, Oak Cherry — whether you're a Country Charmer, an Urban Sophisticate, or building your Mountain Retreat. We can design any piece of furniture to suit your style & budget requirements. Request a quote on a completely custom design idea by filling out our request quote form.

  3. Villageois

    We are proud to have been selected as a dealer by this prestigous Canadian manufacturer of quality home furnishings. Visit our Villageois page for more information.

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