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Villageois was a Canadian production company based in Quebec and like Country Pine Furniture they crafted excellent Mission furniture and other designs, use quality materials, and employing traditional building practices like dovetailed drawers and keyjoints. This line of production furniture complimented the hand crafted line of furnishings we build at CP Wood Gallery.

Villageois based their furniture line on select period collections of furniture from all around the world. Particularly popular were the Classic Mission line, European Classics, Monaco and New Town, Lyric, Louisiana and Cherry.

Villageois went out of business in 2010, but the design tradition they innovated lives on at CP Wood Gallery. If you started building a collection of Villageois furniture in your home, we can help you out with completing the furniture designs you are after.

Rotating above are some of customers' favourite Villageois product shots, but as a Villageois selected dealer we have kept all the product catalogues for our own customers reference.

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